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What does it take to BQ?

The Boston Marathon is an epic event. If you’ve never been to watch or compete, that should be on your list of things to do in April.

Everyone wants to qualify for Boston (via another marathon) to run the famous route from Hopkinton to the city. But what does it take to run a marathon and qualify for Boston? Patience– knowing the first, second or even third try may not result in a BQ and then be…

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Marathon and Geology, Part 2

Marathon and Geology, Part 2. How Erin trained for a marathon

If you didn’t read part 1 of Erin’s journey to the Santa Rosa Marathon, you can find that here.

Happy Erin on the trails!

Happy Erin on the trails!

Now, I know you’d like to know exactly what it is she was doing way out in Montana and the Tobacco Root Mountains!  Here ya go:

I thought I would write a little blurb about what it was like to train every day in the Tobacco Root Mountains! I quickly learned that all runs had…

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
Leo Tolstoy

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Marriage Giveaway

Pre-Marriage Giveaway - find details on the website

#twmmiles ad

It’s my last week before I’m a married man. And that puts me in the giving mood…

I want to give everyone the awesome 2014 training log that I’ve created.  There are 4 great months left to track your running goals and activities.  The training log tracks your mileage, cross training time, shoe mileage, daily, weekly, & monthly mileage.  It has space for your PR’s and another spot for your training…

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Three Ways Newbies Can Benefit From a Running Coach

Niki is new to joining TrainWithMarc and after getting over the “I’m not good enough to need a coach” she realized it was exactly what she needed.  Find her on web and read her story below.

3 Ways New Runners Benefit from a Coach

After a casual chat turned into a pseudo-counseling session regarding a wall I was hitting with my running progress, a friend of mine suggested I consider finding a…

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Marathon Training and Geology, Part 1

Marathon Training and Geology: How Erin does it all.

How about training for a marathon, hiking the wilderness in Montana, and defending a MS thesis? Only Erin…

This is her take on how she keeps busy all while trying to stay above water.

Many of us have busy and hectic lives, making it difficult to follow a good exercise program, let alone train for an event such as a marathon. My first love in life was and always will be running. I started in…

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Running on Vacation

Running on vacation lets you see towns differently.

Tina just got back from vacation and not only did she catch some sun, she also continued to get her runs and workouts done.  Here’s what she wrote upon returning.

I went running twice with my nephew through a neighborhood by our “resort.” I use quotes because it was more like an old motel from the 70’s. But that is fine, because who can complain about being in the Bahamas?? The weather was hot,…

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Runcation = Runner’s Vacation

Hey gang!

If there was an all-inclusive “Run-cation”, also known as a running vacation, would you be interested in hearing more details?

Running trails
Healthy home cooked meals
Shops & restaurants
Coaching services
Training talks (nutrition, sleep, how to train better)

What are your thoughts on something like this? Feedback would be much appreciated.  If so, leave a comment…

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